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Why choose an SEO Freelancer?

SEO freelancers offer a cost-effective way to get expert help with your website. An SEO freelancer can consult with you on your SEO strategy to advise what optimisations are needed to be competitive within your industry. An SEO freelancer will have a lower hourly rate than most advertising agencies or full-time marketing teams so you can receive expert advice for a fraction of the cost.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimising a website to appear higher up on Google for strategic search terms. An SEO can advise you on how to improve your website so that your user experience is better, improve your content so it is better optimised for Google search and how to gain valuable links to improve your website authority. You can find out more information about SEO here.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO or Google Maps SEO is the practice of improving your business listings presence to show up on Google Maps or within local searchers more frequently. There is a slightly different algorithm for local SEO than from the main Google rankings factors.

How does a Freelancer SEO service work?

We would get to know your business and research your industry to advise on your SEO strategy. We would begin with a website audit to improve your website and come up with a list of technical actions as well as assess the quality of the content on your website. We’d then put together a roadmap for website and content improvements. Finally, we’d put together a link building strategy and begin a monthly marketing retainer to implement these actions and report on performance/success.

Full digital strategy

We don’t just advise on SEO though! We can also offer a full range of digital marketing advice including PPC management, Social Media management and reporting and analytics.

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