PPC Consultant Hull

Why do I need PPC?

Are you looking to start sending qualified traffic directly to your website as soon as possible? Pay per click advertising is a tried and tested method of getting your brand in front of the right people. PPC comes in various forms, including search ads, display ads, shopping ads and youtube ads. We utilise the Google Ads software to manage PPC campaigns focused on driving as many sales to your website as possible.

Our PPC services include:

  • Campaign Setup
  • Keyword / Audience Research
  • Campaign management
  • Shopping Feed Management

Why PPC is good for your business

PPC is a great way to begin driving instantaneous results within the digital landscape. Campaigns are set up to optimise for as many leads as possible, and you only pay when people click on your adverts. In addition, Google tracking allows us to measure all the touchpoints that users interact with on your website to measure the direct amount of sales campaigns are delivering. PPC advertising campaigns also give you total control over your budgets which can easily be increased and decreased based on their performance. 

There are various types of advertising campaigns you can run through the Google Ads software. Here’s a beginner breakdown of what is available:

Search Campaigns: These are adverts that place your website at the top of Google search results pages. We tell Google which keywords we want the website to appear for, set the amount we’re willing to pay each time an advert is clicked and put the adverts live on their platform. 

Shopping Campaigns: Google has shopping results, where products also pull through to the top of standard search results pages. Google Shopping campaigns allow us to list your products on their marketing place, and you only pay when users click through to the website.

Display Campaigns: Display adverts are image ads or GIFs/videos that follow you around and display on the sides of websites and apps. We tell Google the types of audiences we wish to target, their interests and demographics and utilise their advertising platform to launch the ads. 

YouTube Campaigns: Google Ads allows you to display video adverts on Youtube. These adverts show at the beginning of YouTube videos or within the YoutUbe search results. They offer a cost-effective reach to get your brand in front of thousands of people.

PPC Account Setup

At the beginning of every project, we consult with your business to understand your objectives and understand your target audience. Next, we’ll research the keywords your audience is searching for and how competitive these keywords are to build out a campaign structure to suit your needs. Finally, we’ll create adverts that stand out, showcase your brand and reach as many people as possible. 

PPC Account Management

We have a diligent set of processes to manage and optimise the campaigns. For example, PPC Account Management includes weekly reporting and insights, budget management, keyword and audience optimisation, and excluding irrelevant targeting criteria.

PPC Account Audits

If you already have a Google Ads account that you would like us to look at, we have an in-depth audit that compares the account to Google Ads best practices and offers recommendations and actions to improve performance. We can work with you to implement these recommendations so you can get the most out of your advertising budgets possible.

Why choose me?

I have been working on Google Ads PPC accounts for businesses in Hull and the local area for over six years. I have experience working across varying sectors, accounts and websites. All of the campaigns we create are results-driven and focused on lead generation. Therefore, you can work with somebody who understands your businesses, your target audience and is highly knowledgeable.

Why work with a PPC freelancer?

Freelance PPC consultants offer a highly cost-effective way to get an experienced marketer running your accounts. You will also get somebody who is invested in your account and a more personal relationship.


Most frequent questions and answers

Google Ads is the software released by Google to manage advertising on their networks. This software is where you manage your search ads, display ads, shopping campaigns and YouTube ads.

A GIF is a moving image. They are typically used in display adverts as they are small (fast loading) files that can upload to display advertising partner websites.

You can implement remarketing audiences for any of the advertising campaign types in Google Ads. Remarketing is where you create a list of people who have interacted with your website, and you target this list of people.

PPC ranges in cost per click depending on how competitive your keywords are. The rule of thumb is that the price goes up the more competitors are bidding on the keyword. For most businesses, you spend between £0.50 – £2.00 per click depending on the keyword, although this can be much higher for software terms.

Your advertising budget should be based on how effective the campaigns are performing. We usually recommend starting small and demonstrating a return on investment and then gradually increasing spending until a saturation point is reached.

We recommend checking PPC campaigns at least once per week. Weekly checks allow you to monitor spending and performance and let you make commercial decisions based on results.