Website Analytics

Why do I need Analytics?

Do you have a good understanding of how your website is performing as a sales tool? Website analytics are crucial to understanding how people find your business and how many leads are coming through it. In addition, making sure that you measure how people interact with your company online allows you to assign marketing budgets better and measure the return on investment for your spending.

I can help you by setting up accurate analytics and giving you insight into how your website is performing:

  • Custom monthly and weekly reporting based on your needs
  • Monthly Insights delivered to your inbox
  • Understand how the website is performing
  • See what people are searching to find your website

Custom Reports

Every business has different objectives and focuses, so a custom report needs to focus on the results that are important to you. Custom reports pull through real-time data to an easy to access link so you can quickly see how your website is performing. Google Analytics can be a time-consuming tool to learn, so we pull through the essential metrics while getting rid of the unnecessary filler.

If you aren’t sure which KPIs and data you want the report to focus on, that’s fine too; we’ll consult with you on your business objectives and give you our recommendations. We can schedule reports to send to your inbox monthly or weekly; the frequency is up to you.

Monthly Recommendations

Getting a monthly report is fine, but it won’t be worth the investment if you don’t get any actionable recommendations. So we’ll send you a monthly write up alongside the report to understand why key metrics are going up or down.

We’ll also suggest topics to write about on the website or improvements to pages that aren’t performing as well as you’d like them to. We can help you action these recommendations with a monthly retainer or by training a business member on the basics of SEO and website marketing.

Broken Pages and Links

If you remove pages or images from the website, sometimes this can lead to broken links. When users try to access a deleted page, they are greeted by a 404 error page or page not found message. Broken pages are bad for user experience as they can lead to frustration and website exits. We’ll keep an eye on any broken links and send them alongside our monthly report so you can easily keep track of them.

Analytics Training

If you would like somebody to come into your business and upskill your team on using Google Analytics, we offer a 1-hour training workshop for beginners. These workshops cover what the different reporting sections mean and how to gather meaningful insights from them.

The Technical Bits

Google Analytics setup involves going through your website to understand all of the crucial actions you want users to take on the website. For example, these actions include submitting a contact form, tapping your phone number, clicking your email links, purchasing products, requesting quotes, downloading PDFs, and booking courses. Google Analytics call these actions goals, and they are what you want to optimise your website marketing to deliver. 

Google Tag Manager is a Google tool that allows you to set up the measurement for these goals. I can set up this tracking tool for you so you can better understand your website performance.

Google Search Console is Google’s SEO tool that allows you to find out how people are finding your website and flagging any issues affecting its performance within search results. In addition, Google Search Console gives you all of the keyword data to understand which words people are searching when they find your website.


Most frequent questions and answers

Google Analytics is software made by Google that tracks users on your website through cookies and provides access to this data.

The custom report is always live on an easily accessible link, so you can access it at a time that suits you. If you prefer, we can put the report into a downloadable PDF.

We can help you with your website marketing. If you’d like to discuss retainer options, please visit our contact page.

You can usually amend broken links in your content editor (CMS). However, if it is not there, I can work with your developer to fix them.

We are happy to discuss reports in person or over Zoom if you prefer. However, time is charged ad-hoc.

You own the rights to the Google Analytics account – I can add an email for you to access and control the software when requested.

You own the rights to the Google Search Console account – I can add an email for you to access and control the software when requested.

You own the rights to the Google Tag Manager account – I can add an email for you to access and control the software when requested.